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Milwaukee’s Low Price Leader! J.N. Bonesteel Milwaukee, WI 1842-1860 (Compiled by Jon Steiner) (1848-49 Milwaukee City Directory Ad) The Bonesteel’s first came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1842 from Oswego, New York where Jacob Nicholas Bonesteel (Born 1784 Dutchess, NY, Died 1844 Milwaukee, WI) had a dry goods...

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C Hermann stoneware C Hermann Milwaukee Stoneware bottles Bottles C Bachelder stoneware jugs C. Bachelder Conrad Langenberg stoneware Conrad Langenberg John B & Amos Maxfield stoneware bottles John B & Amos Maxfield LM Pierron stoneware L.M. Pierron LJ Farwell Stoneware Jug L. J. Farwel Mini stoneware jugs Mini Jugs OF Baker stoneware O.F. Baker JN Bonesteel stoneware J.N. Bonesteel Stoneware from outside Wisconsin Out of State Portage City stoneware Portage City Wisconsin Stoneware beer bottles Stoneware Beer Bottles Th Gunther & Berns stoneware Th. Gunther & Berns Th Gunther Sheboygan stoneware Th. Gunther Sheboygan Stoneware with advertising imprinted Advertising Stoneware of unknown origin Unknown Whitewater Wisconsin stoneware Whitewater Wisconsin William Cunningham stoneware jugs WM.Cunningham L Ransom & Company Milwaukee, Wi stoneware L. Ransom & Co. Milwaukee


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